6 Enthralling Secrets about "Mini Projector 4K"

27 Jun | by Flysight | , Newsroom

With the World cup in view, series steadily coming out and blockbusters on TV, it is time to get a projector that will magnify image of the screen onto the wall for better viewing and comfort.

Nowadays, you can get a mini projector that are very portable and can be carried about without discomfort. They mostly weigh around 1-4 lbs. and are approximately the size of a paperback book.

There are various mini projectors in the market but the one that stands out the most is the mini projector 4k and this is because they have WIFI and 3D Led theatre cinema projector that makes viewers have access to the internet while watching as well as feel involved with the scenes using their HD Sunglasses.

Alongside some of the outstanding features listed above, there are other fascinating features you need to know about and below are top 6 secrets of a mini projector 4k to convince you of buying it.

1. Easy to setup

Most mini protector 4k are easy to set up because they have horizontal and vertical lens shift and a good zoom. You can just set up by plugging the device to a source then run audio out to your sound system of choice.

You may need to restart a few times to be connected but it will definitely come on and that's the basic step, it’s so easy to setup.

2. Images are razor sharp

The images are razor sharp and the brightness level can go as high as 3,500 lumen to deliver an exceptional image to view that you feel the sensation of what you're watching or looking at.

The contrast is also rated as high as 2,000,000:1 to sharpen and distinguish the visuals.

3. It is not so pricey

Unlike some years ago where you had to break your bank to get a reasonable mini projector, it is not like that anymore, now you can pay with just one mortgage.

4. Record your missed shows

Just in case you are a very busy person and can't catch up with your best shows on TV, you can buy the mini projector 4k that comes with a pen camera and record those shows you love to watch but miss.

5. Laser light source

There are several mini projector 4k that have laser light sources to ensure your projected image is never out of focus and are nice and bright for your viewing pleasure.

Laser light sources delivers superior optical control which is healthy for the eye and is the best in terms of maintenance because it provide maintenance-free projection and true-to-life color.

6. Connectivity options

Mini projector 4k have connectivity options and ports for your use. It has USB port, an SD card slot or even a slot for connecting your smartphone for projection depending on the brand you buy.

An additional option include Bluetooth streaming for sound directly to a Bluetooth-compatible sound system for an all-round amazing experience.

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