Falcon Goggles: The Mastery Of Electronic Gadget?

13 Jun | by Flysight | , Newsroom

The use of drones has drastically increased over the last few years as more and more people get dragged into the allure of remote controlled quadcopters, which offer more fun than spy cams and hidden cams. This renewed consumer interest has given rise to many drones and all kinds of new developments in the technology. From 4K video recording to higher endurance and range, people are using drones to accomplish so many things. One such advancement is the FPV goggles for use with drones. An FPV – which stands for First Person View - goggle allows the user to view the footage from the drone’s camera through a VR headset. One particular highlight of all FPV goggles is the Falcon Goggles, widely considered one of the best available in the market.


The Falcon goggles are a form of modular goggles that come with a range of attractive features. Out of them, one unique feature is the fact that it can be customized by third party modules including the likes of Fatshark Nextwave and La Forge to name a few. The ability to read both digital and analog signals and the fact that it supports 720p video in, not to mention a highly affordable pricing is what makes the Falcon Goggle such an interesting piece of technology. Read on as list some of the other features.

Built in Analog DVR 

This DVR videos analog video and comes with playback functions that can help with recovering missing models. In the event that the battery dies, the DVR is programmed to automatically save footage so you never have to worry about losing your precious footage.


A removable modular design 

The term refers to a device where components can be removed and added to increase aspects of the goggles. If you want to transmit data to the video controller, then a receiver is needed. Flysight provides a number of these modules so you can opt for the frequency and functionality that works well for you.

Ease of use 

Unlike goggles of other brands, the Flysight Falcon Goggles are easy to use. Shortcut keys present on the item make operating it a breeze. One touch keys allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast and even the resolution. Switching modes and aspect ratios take a couple of seconds. Using FPV has never been so smooth!

Ergonomic design 

Gone are the days when FPV goggles were painful and uncomfortable to wear. The Falcon Goggles come with removable eye cups that are fitted with Velcro foam for a comfortable fit. These come in both seven millimeter and ten millimeter sizes to suit faces of different sizes. An integrated fan ensures your face never feels hot and the glasses will not get foggy either.

Battery life 

The Flysight Falcon Goggles work with the standard 18650 batteries and have the ability to function for approximately one hundred and fifty minutes. This means you no longer have to worry about a dead battery half way through your aerial shooting! These batteries are easy to find so replacing is not much of an issue.

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